Welcome and do take a look at my photography journey, a journey I took just as an escape to get away from the chaos of the concrete jungle…and there in the wilderness I found my calling.

I was born on the banks of the Holy Ganga, and was brought up on the laps of the Himalaya. After living in various countries - Bhutan, United Kingdom, Thailand, etc, I moved to Delhi thinking that would be my home. But fate, the beautiful jungles of Uttarakhand and the tigers there pulled me towards them. I gladly left Delhi where I was staying, to live in a home, lovingly called Paar, by the Gaula River.

Authored by Shovna - My Tiger My Stories

People Say about Shovna

Shovna Upadhyay is a wildlife photographer at a different plane where she captures not only a tiger for example but captures the ecosystem of the tiger too so beautifully. She is a passionate nature and wildlife photographer and her photographs reflect her enthusiasm and commitment to record the wonders of nature and wildlife empathetically. She brings to her photography her creativity, her eye for details and her curiosity. As a result her photographs are imaginative and sensitive and at the same time look stunningly real and captivating. They capture what Henri Cartier Bresson called the " Decisive Moment" time and again. Her photographs reflect her love for nature and ecosystems and biodiversity of wildlife."

Mr. Atul Bagai

Country Head for United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), India Office


In Exile….

Long time back I was introduced to a professor and I had the privilege to listen to him about life as a refugee and memories of his motherland. This is his story: Professor D came from a humble background and lived in a joint family in a remote village. He studied in the local school and …

Leaves & Lives – random thoughts.

I was one of those lucky kids who grew up in a place surrounded by lots and lots of trees all around a little house in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal.  I could sit for hours on a branch of a tree and observe butterflies, bees, jackals, serpents, lizards, bats, and several other birds.  That …

My Life My Way!

Take a stride, Feel the sun,  Touch the breeze, On your face. Walk that mile, Smile all the way, Hum a song. Dusk to dawn, Climb a mountain, Swim the waves, Run a mile, Come along. Savor the rain, Get all drenched, Jump in a puddle, Laughing all the way. Sense the thrill, Live the …

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