About Shovna

About Shovna

About Shovna


Welcome and do take a look at my photography journey, a journey I took just as an escape to get away from the chaos of the concrete jungle…and it was there in the wilderness where I found my calling.

I was born on the banks of the Holy Ganga, and was brought up on the laps of the Himalaya. After living in various countries - Bhutan, United Kingdom, Thailand, etc, I moved to Delhi thinking that would be my home. But fate, the beautiful jungles of Uttarakhand and the tigers there pulled me towards them. I gladly left Delhi where I was staying, to build and live in a home, lovingly called Paar, by the Gaula River. I can now honestly say that Paar is my final home!

Initially, my greatest fascination was for Gothic architecture. However, in February 2011, things went totally into a new direction. I had some time to kill in Delhi, a place new to me, so out of curiosity and to try out my first DSLR camera, I went for a wildlife photography trip to Kaziranga National Park, in the beautiful state of Assam.

There some fond childhood memories of Nepal and the time I had spent in the wilderness were rekindled. Next I went to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, where - that one look at the tiger called Bamera and that eyeball to eyeball with the one-eyed tigress Kankatti had me blissfully fall in love with these majestic animals.

In Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan, after she got up from the lake, the tigress T17, headed straight to where my vehicle was parked. For me, a person who did not know a thing about tigers, T17 did something out of the ordinary, which changed my life – she raised her head and with the chin held high, looked straight into my eyes. That look, pierced through my heart and reached my soul, made me give up everything I was doing to blissfully follow my heart’s pull…since then I have never looked back but continued to follow the majestic stripes all over India.

Thank you for taking out time to have a look at my happiness, my joy, my pride, my way of life….

Looking for a wildlife photographer? Someone with experience to collaborate with? Write to me!