Tigers In My Life

There is something about you in the air, In my dreams you come and stare. I see your eyes and strips oh-so flare, Not only of this life is our affair.
It’s been a while in the jungles I have gone, In this concrete jungle I sit and yawn. Thinking of you day and night bygone, When will I get to see you/chance upon.
You are something for me to cheer about, Once I see you with joy my heart will shout. The restlessness I feel will fade without a doubt, Come on baby from this misery bail me out.
Happiness is a state of mind the wise ones say, To see you will make me happy everyday. Even a tail or a nose if I see in the jungle display, Spine with tingle like being struck with gamma ray.
Tadoba, Bandhavgarh or my favorite Corbett and Ranthambhore, Wherever I see you my spirits are bound to soar. My dream is to see laying in the ruins and to see you roar, Another is to see you under a Banyan tree for sure.
Jai, Bamera, Teliya cubs or my favorite Paarwali and T39, I think to see you all, my trips I have to redesign. If I do not see you at intervals I am sure to whine, My last wish – next life I wish our lives will intertwine.