Dear Children

When I die,
Will you take me to an electric crematory,
“No wood” I had promised, please fulfil my last wish for me?

When you shed tears,
Will you plant trees
As many numbers, as those pearls that rolled down your cheeks?

When you remember,
Will you plant trees,
On both sides, near or where I used to go for my walks regularly?

When you miss,
Will you plant trees,
And hug them as they grow, one of them could be the reborn me?

When on every anniversary,
Will you plant trees,
So that I can feel that you both still remember me?

When you fall in love,
Will you plant trees,
So that the roots communicate the happy news to me?

When you all laugh,
Will you plant trees,
Reborn as a bird I could hear them when taking shelter under the leaves?

When you marry,
Will you plant trees,
The one right beside you, that sapling that would represent me?

When expecting a baby,
Will you plant trees,
So that the falling leaves will caress your tummy for me?

When – on your every birthday,
Will you plant a tree,
All will be soon forgotten but trees will stand for centuries!

28th September 2019.

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