My feet may be heavy as I thump along,
My nose may be long and touch the ground,
My hair may be wiry that sparsely sprouts,
My ears may be huge like fans no doubts,
My skin may be thick with wrinkles all over,
My call may be loud trumpet for all to seek cover,
My eyes may be small and are placed afar indeed,
My tusks are my pride – white, long and – your greed,
I can pick up a needle with total precision,
Take care of the young and old with total dedication,
I have got a memory that lasts a lifetime,
Uneven and steep ground I can climb,
Family means everything to me for sure,
Of course one in a herd can be rogue’s spoor,
I can call softly when danger is near,
Gentle giant that I am, and human rapacity is what I only fear!

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