My life with you

I want you to want a home with me,
By the edge of a forest, near a stream,
Where animals roam all day long,
Where birds burst into sweet song.

I want you to want to travel with me,
To the reserves and parks; far and near,
Where elephants trumpet and tigers roar,
Where little birds chirp and big ones soar.

I want you to want to dance with me,
On the music of the soft breeze,
Where stars shine from clear night sky,
Where the moon sings the lullaby.

I want you to want to hold hands with me,
By the meadows, the hillocks and the woods,
Where dewdrops glisten like pearls,
Where the tall trees’ canopy of tresses unfurls.

I want your eyes to search for me,
As I hide just to see that endearing look,
Where beautiful people are present in the room,
Where your eyes seek only me and me alone.

I want you to want to look at me,
As I run around doing things here and there,
Where distances across our eyes lock,
Where souls are one and feelings evoke.

I want you to want to laze with me,
As moments pass by from days to weeks to months to years,
Where we feel contented and blissful to be together,
Where in your arms, you always want me to gather.

I want you to want to look at the sky along with me,
From our home deck – the stars, the Milky Way the galaxy,
Where arms around me and my head on your chest,
Where I take a long breath to smell you and feel totally at rest.

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