Oh how she rose!

Full of fun and a happy child that she was,

Climbing trees, plucking flower,

Following kites, giggling mercilessly,

She never knew how to glower,

At a tender age, lightening stuck her down,

Though a little child she was she learnt and rose.


Studying hard in school, with cousins she roamed,

She was full of life and a quirky teen,

Laughing away all her woes,

Dancing and playing in between,

Again in her teens, lightening struck her down,

Only few loved ones now, the brave child rose again.


Before she realized she was far away from her domain,

Making a new life for herself in her new “home”,

Strange was the language and stranger the people,

Who she now called her own,

Again at the end of her teens, lightening struck her down,

With little ones to bring up, the woman-child she rose again.


Her “love” put her in desolation,

Children were her happiness and reason for her joy,

This phase passed too soon and before she realized,

That emptiness showed its head anew

Again at the age of some maturity, lightening struck her down,

Survive this ordeal, I must and determined, she rose again.


Now the nest was empty,

Restlessness is what she felt,

What is life, and what is happiness,

Questions and philosophy in she dealt,

Again at few grey hairs and wrinkles age, lightening struck her down,

To follow her passion, the woman that she was, rose again.


Promised to keep intact her zest for life,

All her passion and her dreams,

Again when all should have been in peace, lightening struck her again,

This time she caught the lightening bolt,

Swallowing it, she roared: No more will you strike me down,

For now I rule the world!!


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