What the Woods Say to Me.

As I lay on my bed staring into the sky from my windows,
I hear the trees whisper, calling me as the soft wind blows,
“Come to me, the child of the wild, to the jungles you love so deep,
I will fold you into my foliage before in deep slumber you sleep.”

“When I see your eyes as you are driven on the path or the savannah,
It is a look of like those wise ones who have reached nirvana,
Out in the wild no worldly worries do you ever remember,
When here you are here, with mind, body and soul you surrender.”

“When the morning comes, you are up before the dawn breaks,
The enthusiasm of a little child in you, which never forsakes,
Trips are not picnics for you but something very serious,
So few minutes of delay by your mates makes you furious.”

“Nothing seems to faze you – sun, rain, dust, no sightings, nor hunger,
Just being in the jungles makes your heart go pounding stronger,
Be as you have always been, oh child of the wild,
You will get what you desire for jungle Goddess on you has smiled.”

I am blessed to be able to go several times to the jungle,
Oh Goddess, please grant me one wish which I ask in humble,
Whether I see or not what I desire in the wild,
Make it possible for me to go there often, please, for me your child!

January 11, 2015.

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